the concept of teaching our people

 The concept of Teaching Our People (TOP Bible program) was birthed in the hearts of two missionaries who served together in a Bible college in Ghana, Africa.  Dr. Ed Tutton and Adam Ogle both observed a lack of spiritual growth in the college students who were simply memorizing the lecture notes but were not DAILY working and studying in the Word of God

 After returning from Africa to the States, these two missionaries worked to correct this problem by developing a program which challenged students, using a real-life Bible question and encouraging them to find answers from a list of Bible verses that they received in class. These two men observed that the students using this method of Bible teaching showed a greater measure of spiritual growth and had a new excitement for the things of God when the Holy Spirit was allowed to be their Teacher (John 16:13).

Later, Ogle and Tutton, along with the help from both pastors and missionaries, put together a three-to-four-year Bible institute program called Teaching All Nations (TAN). This Bible institute program follows the same philosophy and methodology that was discussed in Africa and later developed in America. The TAN program is now being used around the world to train nationals for full-time Christian service.

As pastors in America become familiar with TAN, they asked for a similar program to be made available to teach their own people. Due to their continued requests, the Teaching Our People Bible program has been developed. The same concepts which have been used to strengthen the spiritual lives of young people in foreign countries is now available for Bible classes in America.

Do not miss this opportunity to learn more about how your people can grow spiritually by working and studying God’s Word each day